We love using Flip-Flap Books (especially to flesh out our Classical Conversations work at home). Check out our recommended supply list and cycle match ups!

Along with farming and homesteading, we are a home school family. We belong to a local Classical Conversations community and I am always looking for fun ways to add depth to our memory work. I use the website Teachers Pay Teachers a lot and I would like to introduce my favorite seller Simply Skilled in Second.

She has created a resource called Flip-Flap Books that my son and I both love.

Anna has a great website that explains many of her resources.

Each book has a single theme, comes with detailed easy to follow instructions, and matches up with CC memory work wonderfully! Right now we are working with books that match up with Cycle 2, but she has books that will work with all of the CC Cycles. I love this resource because it is easy to put together and looks great.

My son has taken these books as his presentation for CC and we use them in our end of the year evaluation.  He is always proud of his work when they are all done and I almost never have to fight him to work on one.

Ok now for the details. The small books (4 or 5 pages) take about a week to complete. Some of the larger ones (10+ pages) like the Continents book have taken us a few weeks. Each book is $3-$5 for an instant download and you can buy them in packs by theme for a better price.

She does run great sales so I will add all of the books I know we will want to work on into my wish list and then wait for a sale and buy them all at one time.  At least twice a year she will run a sale at the same time as the larger site and I have gotten the books for about half price. If you have more than one child, you only need to purchase one copy of the books since she is making this resource for classroom use.


This page is out of the Water Cycle book found on Teachers Pay Teachers



  • Zutter BinderYou can bind the books with staples or put a ring in the corner — but the Zutter gives each book a nice finished look and makes them easier to page through. Keep an eye on Black Friday sales to really get this for a great price. I use ours all the time.
  • Binding RingsFor these books I use the smallest size. They come in a pack of 6 and you can cut down the binding ring to get four books from each one, so 24 books per pack.

These books do not come with the information needed to fill them out. I have never found the information hard to come by. We use our own books, library books, and the computer to complete the books.

Usually I will look at what topic we will be working on — this week was the planets.  I then go online to our library and request 4 or 5 books that look like good resources. We also use our Usborne books quite a bit, as well as our CC Foundations Guide.  A quick Google search usually can fill in any gaps that the books have left and You Tube always has great visual resources.

This sounds like a lot of gathering, but it takes me less than 20 minutes to find the books, request them, Google a You Tube video, and print the Flip-Flap book. We go to the library weekly so I just make sure to request a week or two ahead of what we are working on.

This is an example of a 5 page book. We actually did this book all in one day with a friend, but if it was just my kiddo we would have done one page a day for the week. Each page takes about 10-15 minutes to complete, so it is an easy thing to add into our day.


This is an example of a longer book, which has 10 pages. This book took us a few weeks because I had him only do two continents a week and this book was just one part of studying each continent.







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Simply Skilled in Second has a great You Tube channel also! Here is a step by step video on how to put together one of these books.

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We love using Flip-Flap Books (especially to flesh out our Classical Conversations work at home). Check out our recommended supply list and cycle match ups!