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Woodhaven Place Homestead and Gardens has two main goals; Provide surrounding areas with fresh local organically grown produce and to teach everyone involved with the homestead why knowing your “farmer” is so important. Just like people are working to save historic buildings and preserve our collective history Woodhaven Place will strive to help preserve a very special food heritage. The property we live on was once used as a hobby farm, old apple trees, wild red and black berries, old grape arbores and mulberry trees have all been uncovered and are being nursed back to productive health. Woodhaven Place will be loved and cared for with the goal of it being a place that future generations can be proud of calling their own. We are doing all of this on 5 acres in the middle of the suburbs, kick off your shoes and stay a while, welcome to our journey!


  1. Hello! Love the Woodhaven Place website.

    I am trying to find the Instant Pot Silicone Springform Cake Pan. Amazon shows it at their website as currently unavailable and “We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.” Can you help me find this accessory?

  2. Your farm and topics of study look amazing! Are you hosting other homeschool classes throughout the year? Our family lives close by and would love to learn some of these important skills together on a farm.

    • Thanks so much! We will be starting classes again in the spring. We just had a baby (4 weeks ago) so we are going to wait to do more classes until after the holidays. Classes are going to be a big part of our homestead in the coming year!

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