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This year at Woodhaven Place we had a great spring with our bees.  We found that we had a dilemma.  We had 2 new hives worth of  bees and no place to put them.  Looking at the hives that were available in my area, and deciding I wanted to make some modifications, we decided to design and build our own.

CaptureThis type of hive is called a Illinois hive.  Traditionally a bee hive is made up of 2 deep hive bodies, the boxes that the frames sit in, but an Illinois hive is made up of 3 medium hive bodies.  The volume is the same, but it is easier to manipulate and the boxes do not weigh as much when full.

In addition to being easier on the beekeeper standardizing the size of the hive body means that all the equipment is interchangeable.  Nothing is more aggravating than only having deep frames and medium hive bodies.

In addition to housing bees at our location we also provide bee rescue services.  This past spring we saved a colony of bees by removing them from the wall of a barn.  We are also able to come and collect swarms that are in the area.  All of our current hives have wild caught or rescued bees from the Dayton, Ohio area.


  1. Michael and Radka

    September 20, 2015 at 2:57 am

    Hey, how are you two, how is the baby? We had talked to you about get some bees from you the last time we came by, but i thought we had to wait until they went dormant. also, we are trying to figure out exactly where to put them. I am getting ready to start digging holes for posts for my grape trellis (i may have to bread down and rent an auger), and i have to dig the bed for the raspberries and move them. We also had a friend who said he was interested in bees, we will try to get a hold of him.

    • Michael,

      I would be happy to help you set up your bees. Bees are something that you order during the winter and install in your hive during April or early May. I can help with the hive, but looking at the hives this past week I do not know if I will have any bees to place in them next spring. I really focused on making more bees this year. If all 6 hives make it we will be doing really well going into spring next year.


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