Between Candie (the Farmer) and myself (the Chef), we have four pretty amazing and completely diverse kids. Between our two families, Read more.
Dear Fellow Therapy Mama, I just wanted to let you know that I see you. I see you transporting your Read more.
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A high-yielding, early variety for salads and pickling. Medium green fruits bears early and sets heavily on short space-saving vines. Read more.
  The blocky pickling cukes have white spines and a broad disease resistance package that keeps plants healthy over a Read more.
  Blocky, medium-length (3-5″) fruits are good for fresh eating. They pickle well and have a distinctive, bright emerald green Read more.
  Sets fruit under heat or cold stress, Determinate. This productive, flavorful tomato has been a top yielder in numerous Read more.
  More vigorous, higher-yielding Brandywine type, Indeterminate. Excellent flavor. Deep pink tomatoes are earlier, more uniform, and slightly smaller than Read more.
Long-popular variety with good flavor, determinate. Medium-large, 7-8 oz., flavorful, globe-shaped, firm red fruits ripen midseason, widely adapted. High resistance Read more.
  The classic sweet, red cherry tomato, indeterminate. Supersweet 100 is a reliable cherry tomato with prolific yields of great Read more.
  Yellow, round cherry tomato with red stripes and pink interior marbling, Indeterminate. Gorgeous combination of yellows and reds, inside Read more.
  Purple, round cherry tomato with metallic green striping, Indeterminate. Excellent sweet flavor. Purple Bumble Bee is an eye-catching combination Read more.
Petite, distinctive salad tomato, Indeterminate.. The tall, vigorous vines bear quantities of small, 3/4-1 oz., lemon yellow, pear-shaped fruits, mild Read more.
  One of the best-tasting tomatoes, Indeterminate. We describe Brandywine’s luscious, heirloom flavor as “very rich, loud, and distinctively spicy.” Read more.
Indeterminate Beefsteak Heirloom. Bright, red and tasty tomatoes!  Crimson Beefsteak is a delicious, ribbed fruit on vigorous vines.  This tomato Read more.
Pink, round cherry tomatoes are striped with yellow and orange Indeterminate. Excellent sweet flavor. Pink Bumble Bee is an alluring Read more.
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