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Review Games: Make Drilling Facts FUN! (+ Free Downloads)

Who says learning needs to be boring? Use these easy and versatile ideas to make reviewing facts FUN. Plus, get free downloads of our best review games!

Sometimes you just need some fun to spice up the mundane parts of life. Whether you’re practicing math facts, memorizing notes on the scale, or reviewing the periodic table — games can bring a whole extra element of fun.

My son has been receiving speech therapy for awhile and our speech therapist has been a MASTER of doing “review games” — taking a fun toy, game, activity and using it as a tool to review. She has taught me how you really can use ANYTHING to make a fun game.

I believe in keeping things simple, so I love props/tools that can be used in a variety of ways.

I’m going to refer to memory facts in this post. For each family, this looks different. Memory facts can include math facts, speech therapy cue prompts (say the “ch” sound), physical therapy actions (do 5 squats), or even Classical Conversations grammar review items.

For the sake of ease, let’s just call them Memory Facts.

Also, may I highly recommend that you get a laminator? It will GREATLY improve the durability of your review games — and it makes for a nice finished product. This is my favorite (economical!) laminator.

Jumping Ladder Review Games

I discovered these agility ladders at our Taekwando school. My kids love jumping, kicking, hopping, and stepping through them. I appreciate the versatility of these ladders — they can be used outside or inside (grass, pavement, carpet, tile, hardwood). Best part? They fold up SUPER easy and take up hardly any space. The yellow rungs are made of flexible plastic and the black sides are fabric. It stores easily in a bag.

Here are FIVE easy ways to use them:

  1. Have child pass through doing a variety of actions (jump on one foot, jump feet together, high knees, jump with feet in and out of squares, jump sideways). Before going down the ladder, child recites the memory fact.
  2. Write 1-12 on index cards. Place one card inside each square. Roll two dice and add together. Child jumps down to that square and must recite a fact. We use a dice boot/tower to make rolling even more fun.
  3. Write memory facts on index cards. (For Classical Conversations, label cards Timeline, Geography, Math, Science, History, English, Latin.) Place a memory fact inside every square. Yell FREEZE! as the child jumps through. Review the fact from the square they froze on.
  4. Write memory facts on index cards. Place a memory fact inside every square. (For Classical Conversations, label cards Timeline, Geography, Math, Science, History, English, Latin.) Place a labeled index card in every square. Child tosses a bean bag and jumps to the bean-bag-square. Child must recite the bean-bag-square-fact before finishing the ladder.
  5. Place bean bags inside every square. Child must recite a fact before picking up bean bag and continuing to jump.
    • Variation 1 – Child must only answer/pick up a certain color of bean bag.
    • Variation 2 – Child must pick up bean bag with their toes.
    • Variation 3 – Child must balance bean bags on their head as they walk through the ladder (after answering a fact).

The agility ladder might just be my new favorite thing!!! As I’m writing this, my oldest is reviewing facts — using the agility ladder and our dice boot (see below).

Dice Review Games

I have never met a child who doesn’t like playing with dice! My kids love rolling dice. We bought a wonderful colored set online because they are SO much more expensive in the store!!!!

Additionally, a friend gave us a dice boot/tower. OH MY GOODNESS. You simply drop in the dice and it runs down through a little maze and plops into a tray. Who knew this would be so fun or captivating?!?!

Reviewing Math Facts

The Measured Mom has an amazing collection of free printables that use rolling dice to review math facts (addition, multiplication, division, subtraction, etc). We printed on cardstock and laminated for daily use.

Roll5 Dice Game

This is an amazing game for Classical Conversations grammar review. My kids BEG to play this game for review. The dice boot is AWESOME for this game.

Download: Roll5 Dice Game – woodhavenpl.com

30 Dice Antics

Sometimes, simplicity rules. I created a list of 30 different antics (from “Say it from under the table” to “Talk Like Darth Vader”). Simply roll the dice and follow the instructions. Personally, we love to use large indesctructible foam dice that we can throw across the room. 

Download: 30 Dice Antics – woodhavenpl.com

Other Fun Review Games

Animal Antics

Speaking of fun games, Animal Antics is a RIOT. Use numbered popsicle sticks and the game board to create a hilarious review time.

Download: Animal Antics – woodhavenpl.com

Magnet Mania

Sometimes the best games are amazingly simple. My kids love playing with magnetic bingo chips and a magnetic wand. (Or you can get a single color wand + chips.)

Our speech therapist will ask our child to make a sound correctly and he earns a bingo chip. Once he has earned 10 chips, he gets to pick them up with the magnetic wand. You would think this gets old, but it doesn’t! We also use these magnetic bingo chips with the free printables from The Measured Mom mentioned above.

The ways to use these magnetic wands and chips are really limitless:

  • Put a chip on a fact. Pick up with the wand and answer that memory fact.
  • Earn a chip for every answer you get right. Use the wand when you finish the whole set of memory facts.
  • Play tic tac toe using the bingo chips as board pieces. The winner recites a fact and gets to clean up with the wand.
  • See how many memory facts you can answer correctly in 1 minute. Get a chip for every correct fact. Pick up with a wand when done.

I will update this post often as we discover more fun review games. If you’ve found this post helpful, I think you will really enjoy these posts as well.

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Who says learning needs to be boring? Use these easy and versatile ideas to make reviewing facts FUN. Plus, get free downloads of our best review games!

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