We use organic growing practices here at Woodhaven Place. Because of that we do not have an easy way to Read more.
What do you do in mid-March if you live in southwestern Ohio?  I plant peas!!!  Yes, I plant them, from Read more.
“Women make do.” That’s what we do and the garden is no exception. When something does not work, we make it Read more.
I never thought I would say this but I have a love affair with overalls, specifically my Rosies. I wear Read more.
When we started down the homesteading / farming road there was one acronym that continuously popped up.  It felt like Read more.
It is important to plant your garden seeds and transplants at the right time and the key is knowing when Read more.
I love old time farm sayings like “plant potatoes when the first dandelions bloom” or “cut in June will come Read more.
It is fall, and we have finally started construction on our greenhouse.  We decided to build a lean-to style that Read more.
Weeding the garden is not something I would say we enjoy doing.  We spread wood chips in the garden for Read more.
After the failure that was the “rugged” wear gloves from a few weeks ago, we found another type of glove Read more.
The weather is quickly turning cold and wet now that fall has officially arrived and we lost our garden to Read more.
Every year I look through seed catalogs trying to find the best fruit and vegetable varieties for our climate and Read more.
One of the projects we will be starting this fall is a greenhouse. When we first started researching greenhouses, I Read more.
My husband and I joke that free and effective should be the mantra of our homestead. We are starting this Read more.
I love Seed catalogs! They begin arriving right as the garden season for the year is wrapping up. I put Read more.
This past weekend we had a perfect opportunity to review some work gloves.  On the homestead, we often wear gloves Read more.
My family really enjoys squash and zucchini; even our 5 year old does not complain when it is brought to Read more.
We must be very selective when it comes to buying products that we use on the farm. We do not Read more.
Here is the breakdown of what was in each bed. This was quite a few years ago however I thought Read more.
When I first started gardening, we had a small yard and I had no idea what I was doing. I Read more.
Welcome to Woodhaven Place Homestead and Gardens. Our journey began Christmas week 2012 after spending three years reading about homesteading, Read more.