It is fall, and we have finally started construction on our greenhouse.  We decided to build a lean-to style that will extend off the southern side of the pole barn.  The greenhouse will be 48 feet long by 24 feet wide once it is finished.

We attempted to start the greenhouse this past spring, but with the baby on the way and all the other projects it was put on the back burner.  Now that fall is here, we are planning for spring and it is time to get to work.

The greenhouse when finished, will have a three-foot knee wall all the way around the bottom of the walls.  This part of the wall will be covered with steel barn siding.  From this point up the entire structure will be covered with the same type of siding, but it is transparent plastic.  The wall of the barn that we are attaching to is ten feet tall.  The plan is for the southern wall to be six feet tall.  That will give us four feet of drop over the twenty-four feet width of the roof.  In roofing terms I think that is considered a two-twelve pitch because we are rising two inches for every twelve inches of horizontal run.


Step one in the process was digging post holes.  After some careful
measurements, we dug holes as deep as the post hole digger would allow us to go.  Most holes ended up at least thirty inches deep.  This is deep enough that we will be below the frost line.  The next step was placing the posts and staking them so that they were square and plum.  For this process, we recycled some old 2X6 lumber from the old barn we took down.  The boards will hold the post in the correct position while the concrete dries.


Once the concrete is set it is time to backfill the holes.  We had some help with this task.  The help even had an audience.  The ducks were very interested in the entire process.  The next step will be the 2X6 bottom board.  This will act as a frame for the crushed rock floor.  Once the floor is in the roof and walls will start to go up.  The construction is moving along slowly, but if everything goes according to plan there will be a finished greenhouse by spring.