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Pallet Fence

My husband and I joke that free and effective should be the mantra of our homestead. We are starting this process with a very limited budget so we are always looking for DIY solutions using free materials. I started researching pallet fences a couple of years 20130519_112026ago and thought the idea could work for us and the best part most of the materials would be free!

We started looking for resources that could provide us with free pallets, and we were blessed with not only a great pallet resource, but the pallets are plastic not wood. I was somewhat skeptical until I saw them 20130519_111952-editedand realized that these would do just want we wanted and would never rot! Also, they were not open along the bottom like the wood ones, so we did not have to worry about chicken wire around the bottom.

To put up the fence we stretched out a guideline where we wanted the fence to be, and then put the first corner together so we had something to anker to. The fence is held together with T-posts and Zip ties.

Each corner has a 6 foot heavy T-post sunk into the 20130519_115143-editedground then the pallet is slipped over the top of the T-post. We zip tied the pallet to the T-post to make sure it would not wiggle around. We then put another pallet right next to the one on the T-post and zip tied them together. We continued to build the fence like this all the way around. One pallet secured with a T-post then one attached with Zip ties, the next one would have a T-post and so on. We did a T-post every other pallet because of cost and also because the fence was very sturdy, and we thought a T-post in each pallet would be overkill.

The fence is very effective for small animals but useless for Deer. We will be adding electric fencing along the top of the fence this spring. So far we have had two trees fall on the fence, one was our fault and one because of weather. Both times the fence
20130519_170025-editedsnapped apart, and we only needed to repair a few pallets and not the whole thing. We also have had to take sections down and move them as the garden has expanded. It has been nice working with a fence that can come apart and be moved around relatively easily.

If you have a small to medium sized garden, I would definitely recommend this type of fencing. If you can only find the wood pallets add some chicken wire to the bottom, and it should work just fine. Our garden is becoming quite large, and we have run out of pallets to use so we will be adding in some traditional fencing also. Pallets are a great resource for any homesteader and if you can find the plastic ones grab them!

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