Poultry is by no means a primary product for Woodhaven Place.  Two years ago we decide that having chickens could be fun, and having a “pet” that makes eggs is even better.  When choosing our chickens we focused more on looks than on eggs.  Our favorite breed so far has been the Easter Eggers.  Not only are they very pretty birds, but they lay green and blue eggs. Along with our Easter Eggers we have a few Rhode Island Reds, Silver Laced Wyandottes, and our newest additions are Four Ameraucanas.

We have plans to add Quail in the near future.  I hear that bacon wrapped quail are very tasty.

In the future we would like to produce a few rounds of broiler chickens, and perhaps a few turkeys for the holiday season.  If you would be interested in hearing more about pasture raised chicken and turkey please join our email list.