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Rosies: My Review of Work Wear for Women

I never thought I would say this but I have a love affair with overalls, specifically my Rosies. I wear my Rosies so much that I had to buy a second pair for when my primary pair are in the wash.

They are the most functional pair of clothing I own and I recommend them to everyone. If you are a back yard gardener or a full time woman farmer you need to own a pair (or three!) of these overalls.

But don’t take my word for it. There’s good reason why Rosies are amazing. 

Made By Women – For Women

Rosies Work Wear for Women was founded by Sharon Moore in 2002. Sharon saw a need for working overalls that could accommodate the female figure (and not bunch/roll in weird places). She found the standard male-overall design to be encumbering in her welding pursuits, so she designed the Rosies. The name is taking from the famous Rosie the Riveter, a WWII icon that embodied female industry during the war.

Rosies’ website gives even more detail about what makes this company unique.

Rosies is family and woman owned, and is run by a team of active, do-it-herself, women. A portion of our proceeds goes back into causes that support and empower creative women in our community. Projects we have partnered with in the past include the Habitat for Humanity’s Women’s Build, Art in Action, and Threshold Collaborative.

I have been in contact with this group of woman many times over the years and they are fantastic. Their customer service is top notch and they will do everything they can to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

They Actually Fit!

The overalls themselves fit very well.  They are 100% cotton twill fabric, durable, stain resistant, and breathable. They don’t feel suffocating, like denim overalls. But the fabric is very sturdy.

The cut is long in the rise and elastic shoulder straps allow for maximum movement while working. I love this feature because I move around a tremendous about when I am working in our market garden: bending over to weed, reaching up to pick tall beans, kneeling down to pick carrots. The elastic straps also mean that you don’t ever feel like your overalls are choking you as you move.

rosies: workwear for women

Overalls make fantastic working pants. I love not having to worry about pulling up my pants and things getting all bunched up and weird.

Each pair has adjustable side buttons. This allows you to expand out for layering, which is a great feature for adding multiple shirts in the winter. This also meant I could wear the same pair of Rosies though my entire pregnancy.

I loved wearing Rosies while pregnant. They did not push on my belly and make me sick. I also did not have to worry about spending money on special maternity pants to work in.

Awesome Features: Knee Pads, Pockets, Zip Offs

One of my favorite features is the removable knee pads. There is nothing worse than getting sore rosies: workwear for womenknees from kneeling in the garden. And moving a foam mat around just gets cumbersome. Removable knee pads just make work so much more pleasant — harvesting in the garden, spreading mulch, cleaning floors and putting things in the attic.

There are 11 pockets for various tools including a hidden inner pocket for hands-free work! There is a pocket for everything! Pockets make me happy. I love pockets.

They even have zip-off pant legs for hot weather! I will be honest — I do not zip mine off often, but it very nice to have this feature.

Long Lasting and Colorful

Farm life is hard work. But I’m pleased to say that my Rosies wash up very well! I use them all year long — in the heat of summer and the freezing cold of an Ohio winter.

And perhaps what makes Rosies the most fun? Their overalls come in a whole variety of colors. I love that my neighbors know me as the lady in pink overalls!

Great For Any Kind of Work

Rosies really are great. But you don’t have to work on a homestead (like I do) to get value from them. I have a friend who likes wearing Rosies for her flower gardening. I know other women who wear their for painting, for working with horses, or for handyman projects.

Rosies actually has a whole page dedicated to real-life Rosie-wearing women (hint: you may see someone you recognize). I truly think that Rosies make my life easier and every woman should own a pair!

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How would YOU use a pair of Rosies? Tell us in the comments below!

(I do not work for Rosies. I did not receive any payment for my opinion. All opinions expressed are my own. I’m just a huge fan and love giving attention to a GREAT product!)

Rosies are the best work wear clothes for women that I've found -- and for lots of good reason. Get a detailed review of features Rosies offers.



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  1. Working in the gardens because I am tired of pulling my pants back up and shirt back down.

    All those pockets would save me multiple trips to get the tools I need.

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