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Rugged Wear Gloves Review

This past weekend we had a perfect opportunity to review some work gloves.  On the homestead, we often wear gloves during chores.  This past weekend Clint was setting fence posts for the new chicken area, and setting up some cattle panels to keep pesky ducks our of the garden.

While at Menards we picked up a pair of Rugged Wear Grain Pigskin gloves.  At $4.99 the price was right for a light weight pair of gloves.  They appeared to be Glove Logobreathable leather palmed gloves.  Normally items we get from Menards are great, but these have to be the worst leather gloves I have ever used.  We prefer deerskin gloves and have been using them for years, these are usually $15 a pair.  In my opinion leather gloves just work better.  They form to your hands and typically last a long time, but they do not always breathe well.

Glove PalmMenards carries an entire line of Rugged Wear gloves.   The style we bought were mechanic style gloves.  We have used this type of gloves before, but the fingers and palm always wear out fast.  We had hoped that the leather palm on a mechanic style glove would fix both the breathing and durability problems.  These Rugged Wear gloves from Menards did not last 6 hours.  The palms both had developed holes before the day was over.

The description for these gloves labels them as heavy-duty, in our opinion simple hand tools do not qualify as heavy-duty tasks.  We would rate these as worthless unless your heavy duty tasks include making beds or folding laundry.  Those are the only heavy-duty tasks these gloves are suited for.

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