I love Seed catalogs! They begin arriving right as the garden season for the year is wrapping up. I put all the catalogs to the side and then, when the cold of December

gets to Ohio, I pull out the gems and start dreaming of next year. I try to support small Heirloom seed companies and they seem to have the best catalogs. My favorite companies are:

Baker Creek HeirloomSeeds

High Mowing OrganicSeeds

Johnny’s SelectedSeeds

Seed Savers Exchange

Jung Seeds and Plants (This is company is not all organic however does have special verities of perennials that are valuable)

Dixondale Farm (Onions only)

Mountain Rose Herbs (Herbs only)

All of these companies have free seed catalogs, just sign up online. Right now is the best time to go sign up so you do not miss any of the catalogs coming out for next year’s garden! Click the links above which should take you to the correct sign up section of the company. I buy the big catalog from Baker Creek because it has fantastic pictures and great articles.

The first time I look through each catalog, I circle all of the seeds I am interested in planting for the next year. Then I sit down with all of the books and cross reference prices and volumes. I recommend looking at how many seeds come in each packet because this impacts the true cost. There is a wide verity of packet sizes depending on the company. Some seeds I buy in bulk and others I get the standard small packet just to try them out. I order 90% of my seeds from Baker Creek and High Mowing however sometimes I find something to try in one of the other catalogs. Do you order seeds each year, save seeds, or buy from a local store?