New to the Instant Pot? Here are the top 10 EASY recipes to get you started cooking (and exploring your Instant Pot features) in NO TIME.

If you’ve just received your first Instant Pot, welcome to this amazing new way of cooking!

Unfamiliar with the Instant Pot? It’s an electric programmable pressure cooker that cooks food quickly without compromising food quality or integrity. It can:

It can also serve as a yogurt maker and rice makerAAAAAAAAND you can make up freezer meals and cook them STRAIGHT from frozen — no thawing!

Not sure where to start first? Check out our list of top 10 easiest IP meals.

But I recognize you may be feeling a little trepidation about getting started with the Instant Pot. I mean, I let mine sit in the box for several months straight because I was too intimidated to get going. (Don’t let that be you! I give step-by-step instructions to unbox your IP!)

How to Unbox the Instant Pot in 10 Easy Steps

Top 10 Easy Instant Pot Recipes to Make First!

I’m a firm believer in starting simple. Sure, you could dive right into your Instant Pot with something dramatic and crazy, but I prefer learning how my IP works and getting the hang of it. So here are 10 easy and basic recipes to make right away.

1. Sweet Potatoes

This is an excellent first starter recipe. You’ll learn how to work an under-used function on your Instant Pot called STEAM function. Thanks to the Instant Pot, there’s no need to wait an hour for your oven to cook. Now sweet potatoes can be ready in a fraction of the time!

Instant Pot Baked Sweet Potatoes

2. Mashed Potatoes

Okay, I promise I’m not all about potatoes. But mashed potatoes are so awesome in the Instant Pot because there is NO DRAINING INVOLVED! That’s right — forget the starchy mess of boiling potatoes or burning hands draining the liquid. And if you need to make yours dairy free, this recipe has you covered.

3. Hard Boiled Eggs

This recipe changed my relationship with hard boiled eggs. In college, I had a reputation in the cafeteria of being able to slip off hard boiled egg shells in one piece. However, that reputation tanked once our family began eating farm-fresh eggs (which which can be a PAIN to peel). The shell sticks and your eggs are mutilated by the time you finish. Thankfully, eggs made in the Instant Pot are a completely different story. Steaming the eggs allows even the most stubborn shells to fall right off. There are a bazillion ways to make hard boiled eggs,  but This Old Gal’s technique is fast and reliable.

4. Whole Chicken

Shall we tip-toe our way into Meat Land? Roasting a chicken in the Instant Pot is actually super easy. There’s no grease splatters covering your oven or stove top. Furthermore, the meat is tender and juicy. If you’ve made ‘meh’ whole chickens, learn why the secret is in the brining.

Instant Pot Brined Whole Chicken

5. Bone Broth

If you have the bones from Costco rotisserie homemade whole chicken laying around, making bone broth couldn’t be easier. Rather than stewing on the stove for 12-24 hours, the Instant Pot makes nutritious and gelatinous bone broth in just ONE HOUR.

6. Beef Pot Roast

Looking for a delicious beef pot roast recipe? Use the Instant Pot to turn stew meat into tender pot roast. You’ll save money — and no one will be the wiser! I take this recipe to pot lucks ALL the time and people are stunned when I tell them (1) I made it in an Instant Pot and (2) that I used stew meat.

7. Ground Beef (from Frozen!)

Speaking of beef, you absolutely must know about this technique to cook ground beef, including frozen meat! I often forget to thaw my meat in advance — and the Instant Pot has saved my hide multiple times. You can catch my thorough instructions over at

Curious about these recommended accessories? Not everything that people tell you that you should have is necessary, although some are very important. Find out which accessories are.
Instant Pot Accessories and How To Use Them

8. Curry In A Hurry (and Into to Freezer Meals!)

Need a Paleo curry that comes together in 15 minutes? This delicious recipe has your answer — and includes instructions on how to make from frozen.

Instant Pot Candie's Curry in a Hurry

That’s right! You can cook in the Instant Pot straight from frozen. Check out our step-by-step tutorial.

How To Make Instant Pot Freezer Meals

9. Oatmeal with Rolled Oats

Let’s switch to breakfast for a moment. I just had some intense surgery that prevents me from being on my feet for very long. Oatmeal is economical and hearty — but standing at the stove to stir is impossible right now. I love making oatmeal in the Instant Pot. Plus, there’s virtually no mess and I don’t even have to wash out my IP!

Easy Mess-Free Instant Pot Oatmeal

10. Paleo Mug Cakes

We love to make these Paleo Mug Cakes for both breakfast and dessert!  They are such a fast and yummy treat — and easy to individually customize and experiment with! Plus, they look adorable.

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New to the Instant Pot? Here are the top 10 EASY recipes to get you started cooking (and exploring your Instant Pot features) in NO TIME.